Wordle: All about the obsession plus the ultimate tips and tricks to win the game.


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We came across a novel version of social media posts just before the new year that featured a grid of gray and green squares, raising curiosity among users, and eventually, the game went viral, with participants sharing their results on social media.
The rights were purchased by “The New York Times” after they noticed the buzz. And now it’s the hottest game of the year, the buzz of every town around the world.

What actually is this game?

As the name “Wordle” suggests, it’s a word-based game. Day after day, a new puzzle is released, which is the same for all users from all over the world. Each day the puzzle has a single solution that the users have to target. Each player has to guess that one single solution and then has an option to brag about their success on social media by sharing their grid.

Josh Wardle, a Brooklyn-based software engineer, designed it. Originally, During the Covid-19 lockdowns, he apparently enjoyed playing different word games with his buddy, so he created it for himself to play with him. Finally, in October of the same year, he decided to make it public. The game, which was basic yet challenging and attention-grabbing, drew a large number of users, and it quickly grew in popularity when a new feature was added., that allowed the users to show off their success on social media.

Upon the arrival of the new year, the game was purchased by “The New York Times” which, of course, added to the hype and now it has millions of users around the globe waiting each day for the latest puzzle to solve.

How to play Wordle?

There are many similar games that employ words to play with, Wordle comes in the form of a grid. The grid is composed of five columns and six rows of boxes, where each box is limited to hold only one letter.

The aim is to find out the final five lettered words of the day using some other five lettered words in six attempts. In the beginning, no hints or clues are given, you can only find out a hint after you input a five-lettered word of your choice in the first row.

So, this is how it will proceed, if any of the letters are correct and is placed in the right position, the relevant box turns green. And if a letter that you have used is correct, but the placement is not right, the corresponding box would turn yellow. Now there’s a third scenario, where you place a letter in any box and it isn’t correct, the relevant box turns gray.

Now, by placing the first five lettered words, your options get narrowed, as now you are sure about what letters are not included at all in the word to be found and what are some of the letters that make up the final word.

Tips and tricks to win the game:

We all want to be the champions at whatever we do, especially if bragging is made official, and being champion at Wordle means guessing the word of the day at minimum attempts. So let’s see what we can do to find out the correct word.

The very first thing that we have to do is start the game and for that, all you need is to choose a five, five-lettered word, from the collection of thousands of words that can be found in an English dictionary.

Next, you need to spot, what letters are eliminated completely from the word and what are the letters confirmed in the word. This is what everyone would do if they play the game.

However, if you want to win and find the word in the shortest amount of time, devising a technique for selecting those magical words can take care of all the magic for you, allowing you to find the final word in the fewest number of attempts.
Here are a few pointers gleaned from the minds of seasoned gamers.

  • Choose any word with most vowels as your first guess:

It’s kind of common sense. First guess should be made wisely. As we all know that each word in English has at least one vowel, If we chose a word with at least 3 distinct vowels, it will be helpful to accomplish the following guess with more accurate calculations. For instance, words like a canoe, or video would be your best bet.

  • Choose a word that has no letter from the first try:

Using a word with an entirely new collection of letters in the second try compared to the first attempt. This would eliminate some unwanted words, narrowing your options and giving you a better precision to predict the final word of the day.

  •             Use Common consonants as quick as possible:

            Just like the previous two tricks, players have noticed that it’s not very likely for the final word to have a consonant that is not very common for example X, Z, or J, instead consonants that are common in most English words, constitute most of the daily words that the players have to look for. This indicates that instead of trying out words with uncommon consonants in the beginning, it would be more profitable to try out terms with common consonants, making your journey easier.

  •            Create a strategy based on your previous experience:

                     As it is said, practice makes perfect. Nothing can beat experience, playing the game every day exposes you to enough experience that can help you figure out what would work out best for you. You can come up with a personalized strategy that may help you win the game in minimal tries.

  •          Get a break:

         Wordle is a brain teaser, and brain teasers can be overwhelming, and when you are overwhelmed by failed attempts, your mind won´t be able to help you make good decisions, the same happens when you are playing this game, so the best you can do is have a break from Wordle, and restart with a fresher mind and a fresher approach and it would be amazing, how a fresher mind, helps you find the solution much faster and accurately.

And now, when you have solved the puzzle in minimum attempts using all these tips and tricks, it’s for you to brag about your success on social media, as it’s official to brag and it’s your right now after all this hard work.

Happy playing.

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