What is the update on DMX? Causes of death?


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When a celebrity has a health scare, it can feel like the whole world is on edge. But even if you’re not a DMX fan, this latest news about his condition should make you think twice before taking any substance (legal or otherwise) recreationally. But first, let us know who DMX is and what does he do? Later in this article, you will get the recent update on DMX and the story of How he died.

Who is DMX?

For those who don’t know DMX, He was a well-known American actor and rapper. His real name was Earl Simmons. He has done many albums and has been famous for his super-hit songs. He started his career in 1998, and there was no going back after that. He married once but had 17 kids, four from his marriage and others from his girlfriends.

How Did He Die?

Here’s the list of all the events that led to his death. 

He had a heart attack.

On April 2nd, the rapper Earl Simmons had a heart attack and was soon transferred to the hospital. Later he was hospitalized in New York after suffering a heart attack. The incident has been linked to an alleged drug overdose.

According to a report from TMZ, DMX’s lawyer confirmed that he is on life support and in grave condition. His lawyer also confirmed that the rapper did suffer a heart attack, but an overdose of drugs allegedly caused it.

 Was it a drug overdose?

It’s not very easy to say whether he was on drugs or not and that it led to his heart attack. However, as his lawyer said, he was doing cocaine and had a heart attack.

DMX’s Death

After the heart attack, he remained hospitalized in White Plains Hospital in White Plains. His condition was critical throughout, and he had no hope of returning alive. Eventually, he died on April 9th, leaving all his fans in shock. He died at the age of 50.

DMX’s Financial Condition and His Assets after death

DMX was a rich American celebrity but not as rich as other rappers. When he was nearing his death, he was not really doing well in finances and was at a loss. He also had a lot of debts that he had to pay. he had a net worth of minus 1 million when he died, as he was involved in tax fraud cases and other legal issues.

Moreover, he had to take care of 17 kids, which was not very easy, and it led to the financial instability he had to provide for all his kids and wives and was left with nothing but debts. He left around 17.7 million dollars as his assets, but a lot of that went into debt.

Who Owns The Inheritance Right To Dmx’s Assets

DMX had 11 women in his life, and he married only one of them. He had 17 children in total, and four of them were from Tashera Simmons, his wife, and they were named Xavier, Tacoma, Sean, and Praise Mary Ella. But later, both decided to part ways and divorce. All the other kids were from his Gfs. He started dating other girls even when he was married and had other kids. One of his girlfriends, Trejo, had sued DMX for unpaid child maintenance.  

However, the right of inheritance always remained unclear regarding his kids as all of them were not legally his Children. One of his girlfriends named, Desiree Lindstrom, also had a child from him, and she also tried to get the inheritance right for her kid, but the court denied it so that he wouldn’t get anything. Moreover, his adult kids from his wife have also claimed the right to inheritance. In addition to all this confusion, another girl named Raven has claimed to be DMX’s daughter and her inheritance right.


The recent update on DMX and his death is the fact that he died due to an overdose. Now the authorities investigating his death have confirmed that he was on an overdose of cocaine that led to his death.

As far as his estate is concerned, it is now evident that it will be divided among all his kids, but the fact of who will get how much still remains unclear as he left without a will. However, first, the debts are to be paid, and then the remaining property will be divided among the kids.

Frequently asked questions

  • Will all his girlfriends get a share of his wealth?

No, they would not get anything as they were not legally his wives. Only their kids and his legal wife will get the share.

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