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If you are looking for the best movies on Netflix to watch when you have come to the right spot for suggestions. 

Indeed, it is not easy to decide which movie to watch and which to skip. Therefore, we have picked up 5 best movies for you.  

Let’s discuss the most exciting fantasy, action, and comedy movies that you can watch on Netflix.

The Old Guard 

If you want an equal touch of action, superhero powers, and emotions then The Old Guard is the perfect Netflix movie to watch. 

The story of The Old Guard is centered on a group of centuries-old warriors with unbelievable healing powers. Apparently, they look normal but they can heal from any wound and regenerate automatically. This means that they can not die until their immortality starts to wear off which usually takes thousands of years. These warriors work as mercenaries to help people in need. Keeping in view how they rescue people, they are no less than superheroes. 

Without spoiling the story for you, we would highlight the fact that The Old Guard is much more than a simple fantasy action movie. Since its sequel is underdevelopment, there’s an array of superhero adventures yet to come. Moreover, we can hope to find out the origin of their unexplained powers in the upcoming part as well. 

Man vs. Bee 

Man vs. Bee is one of the latest and best movies on Netflix. It features our favorite comedian and versatile actor Rowan Atinkson. You must remember him by his screen name, Mr. Bean. 

In this comedy drama film, we see how a house sitter lands himself in trouble just because a bee keeps pestering him. He literally destroys an elegant mansion because of a mere bee. Anyhow, there is a lot more to the story other than his iconic battle with the bee. 

This movie is good if you are looking for something funny and interesting to watch.  

Enola Holmes

You must have seen Sherlock Holmes or at least heard about him. If you are a fan of the world’s most famous and beloved detective then you would love to watch his sister Enola Holmes in action as well. 

The film Enola Holmes is based on the life story of the titular character. In this film, we witness how Enola, the half-sister of Holmes brother’s cross paths with Tewkesbury while searching for her mother after she goes missing. Enola’s journey is full of mysteries that she solves with her inherent detective abilities. Where there is thrill, mystery, and action in this film, there is comedy, emotions, and loads of drama as well. 

It is indeed a fascinating and inspiring story for young ladies who often find themselves in trouble due to societal norms and unnecessary regulations. 

You should watch this amazing Netflix movie without wasting any further time. Indeed, you would be more than pleased to see our beloved Mr. Bean once again in action.

Love and Monsters

We are sure that you wouldn’t have watched any post-apocalyptic movie as exciting as Love and Monsters. 

Just as the title depicts, this movie is full of monsters and love. This movie centers on the life of Joel, a boy who is forced to live underground following an apocalypse which turned cold-blooded animals into giant monstrous creatures. 

In this movie, we witness how people survive amidst the apocalypse and how Joel completes his adventurous journey to reunite with his long-lost girlfriend. 

Most importantly, this movie teaches us how people can combat anything if they possess true love and have each other’s back in uneven times. 

Jumanji: The Next Level

If you are a 90s kid then you must remember Jumanji. Yes, you got it right it’s the film about the magical board game that made our childhood amazing. 

22 years after the release of the original Jumanji film, we got to watch Jumanji: The Next Level. 

It was indeed a hell of shock filled with excitement when Jumanji’s reboot was dropped. Unlike the previous film, this version features a magical video game which takes the players inside the world of Jumanji. The fun part here is that the players transform into their avatars, having their appearance and abilities. 

If you decide to watch Jumanji: The Next Level then you should know that the adventure doesn’t stop there. Luckily, we have got another part of the Jumanji reboot entitled “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”. 

All the Jumanji films are available to watch on Netflix. 

We Can Be Heroes

This is one of the best movies on Netflix to watch, especially if you love superhero stuff. This film is focused on the lives of the children of famous superheroes. It’s a mix of comedy, action, adventure, and lots of inspiration. 

In case you are familiar with SharkBoy and Lava Girl then you would be more than happy to watch this movie as it features your favorite duo’s youngest daughter, Guppy. Likewise, there are many other superheroes whose kids are featured in this movie. 

If you love alien invasions then We Can Be Heroes is a perfect treat for you. In this movie, we witness how the inexperienced superhero kids tackle an unexpected alien invasion and save the world not because they have superpowers but because they stick together. 

This movie gives a valuable lesson to everyone that power doesn’t make you special. It’s your ability to cooperate, lead, and believe that helps you grow and beat your enemies. 

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