How To Add Song or Music In Video?


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Video plays vital role in teaching, training, knowledge sharing, and concept explanation. Whatever your target audience is, video can help them learn more effectively.

Humans are predisposed to assimilate visual information, yet beautiful visuals are only half of the battle.

Background music can help your films stand out and become more interesting and enjoyable. The good news is that incorporating music into videos is rather straightforward.

What is the best way to add music to a video? What are your options for music? Learn how to add music to a video by reading on.

On both Windows and Mac, you may add SONGS OR music to videos. Our online video editor is browser-based, so you can edit from anywhere – including your iPhone and Android smartphone! You may adjust your audio and video files to fit any social networking platform, including TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. With just one click, you may export your video for use on many platforms.

How do I add song or music to a video?

Adding Song or music to a video is a straightforward process. We’ll presume you already have the music file you want to utilise in this section, but we’ll discuss where you can find music for your videos later in the post.

In fact, choosing music will probably take you longer than actually putting it into your video.

All of my videos are created and edited with Free Video Editor

Step# 1: Just Open your video

Although it may appear obvious, I wanted to be thorough. Open the video project to which you wish to add music in your favourite video editor.

Step# 2: Upload your media

There are various ways to add video and audio files to your Clipchamp Media Bin. Choose Media from the menu, then right-click in the bin and choose Import Media from the menu.

Or, you can choose File > Import > Media from the menu.

CMD+I is a good choice if you like shortcuts and hotkeys.

Navigate to the file you want to import, select it, and pick Import, regardless of the method you use.

Note: Music from TechSmith Assets for Camtasia can also be found in the Libraries folder. That will be covered later.

Step# 3: Drag and drop your files onto the timeline.

Once your file has been imported, locate it in the media bin, click it, and then drag and drop it onto the timeline. Depending on your needs, you can add it to a new track or an existing track. Things are usually added to new tracks by default, so they’re easier to find afterwards.

Step# 4: Customize the audio to your preferences.

This is where you’ll have to make some choices (if you haven’t before). Do you want your music to play continuously during your video? Is it for the intro or outro only?

Let’s suppose for the sake of this experiment that we want the audio to play throughout the full video. Because there will be narration, we’ll want to make sure the music isn’t too loud that it interferes with hearing or understanding the narrative.

A line with shading appears when you choose the audio track in the timeline. You can control the volume by clicking and dragging the line up or down to the desired level. As you increase the volume, the waveform in the recording increases and shrinks.

Try experimenting with music the next time you make a video now that you know how to do something. These were only a few simple steps to get you started, but there are many different ways to edit audio to meet your specific needs.

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