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Rpx Movies is known as a Regal Premium Experience or RPX theater. At Regal Cinemas, there is a large-screen digital theatre called RPX that has high-resolution screens with improved picture quality and surround sound speakers. We provide both 2D and 3D movies.

Since the introduction of IMAX, rivals have been trying to raise ticket prices with an equivalent or better offering. In response, Regal introduced the Regal Premium Experience, or RPX theater, in April 2010. These theaters tout a significantly larger screen than the typical Regal movie theatre, better acoustics, and leather recliners.

Most businesses purposefully avoid discussing the real technology that powers these theaters and provides little details online and in person. Me will go into detail about each feature that comes with the more expensive option in order to help you get a better picture of what the RPX theatres have to offer. You’ll know for sure by the conclusion of this page whether or not this theatre is just another cheesy marketing ploy for the movie industry, or whether it’s a wise investment for a movie buff!

What Can You Find At An RPX Theater?

It’s crucial to note right away that reality and what a theatre company claims are frequently two very different things. So keep in mind that the audio and visual quality I’m ticking off for these movie theatres may not be available at your neighbourhood theatre. After that brief warning, let’s discuss screen size, which is what everyone is interested in.

The RPX screens are considerably larger than the typical movie theatre screen, measuring forty feet vertically and sixty feet horizontally, according to Regal. Despite being smaller than an IMAX screen, which is normally 52 by 72 inches, dis is still a good bit smaller. Given that this is Regal’s “Premium Large Format” offering, I believe the size is adequate. Digital projectors with a combined brightness of 30,000 lumens play movies.

What your local theatre actually utilises for audio becomes a little murkier. According to Regal, a 7.1 Dolby Atmos or 11.1 Auro sound system can be used in an RPX theatre. It’s unclear which system your local theatre use. Although many people claim that personnel are unsure of which is used, you can phone and ask one. However, it is difficult to hold the staff (who are mostly high school students) accountable for this as the information does not appear to be simple to access.

The cinemas are supposedly outfitted with eight 21-inch subwoofers, according to release statements, although that was more than a decade ago. Between 2010 and 2022, the actual number could have significantly altered. The reviews do appear to be positive.

Although I’ve heard multiple instances of individual theatres not giving this, Regal states that your chairs have speakers integrated into them. Since many people complain that the chair speakers distract from and detract from the movie, this really seems to be a plus for such theatres.

Moving on to the seating, Regal offers significantly enhanced leather chairs, some of which even recline. While this is probably far more comfortable than any other option you might find, I should point out that if the cinema doesn’t have good A/C, be mindful. I cringe to imagine how these chairs will look after a three-hour movie in the sweltering heat. This applies to everyone who must sit in them, not just the one who is now seated.

Both RealD three-dimensional movies and two-dimensional movies can be watched with the Regal Premium Experience. Given that the seats in these theatres are a little further from the action, 3D would actually be ideal. On such a large screen, this will enhance the depth of the third dimension, however being too close could cancel out the 3D impact.

Does The Regal Premium Experience Qualify As Value?

We must first compare the luxury option’s ticket cost to that of its rivals to see whether the expenditure is worthwhile. According to Regal’s website, an adult RPX ticket will cost between 18.50 and 21 USD. It might be quite difficult to justify buying a ticket when compared to Dolby Cinema (17–20), Cinemark XD (12.15 average), and IMAX (19.69 average). This is especially true if your neighbourhood offers a variety of choices.

I was raised in a town where there was just one Regal cinema for fifty miles. If you identify with this, it might be advantageous to spend the money on the pricey tickets given your unfortunate geographic location. Given that it is probably the only theatre with a bigger screen you can see in your near area, it could be worthwhile to pay the extra money.

In my opinion, the Regal Premium Experience is far inferior to the IMAX. The size of the screen is less, the sound quality varies depending on the theatre you visit, and the leather chairs’ speakers only serve to distract from the picture. This would be acceptable if the cost were considerably lower for TEMP than IMAX, but based on my research, it appears to be the most expensive choice available.

If you’re going to a 3D movie, you may want to consider the RPX because of its farther out seats, which enhances the immersion of the screen reaching out to you. Keep in mind, though, that the price will be significantly higher if the movie is both RPX and 3D, which can really add up if you are buying tickets for numerous people or concessions.

The main result is that you should probably avoid RPX if you want to save money and have more local options open to you. By all means, give it a try if you genuinely appreciate the cosy embrace of a smooth leather recliner and don’t mind the higher price that comes with this upgraded Regal style. Although it doesn’t stand out enough from other large-screen options to justify a one-time purchase, I would normally advise attending to the cinema once just for the novelty.


The epidemic had a significant impact on the theatre sector, and the country’s many closed movie theatres are evidence of this. Despite this, well-known companies like Regal continue to market extravagant ticket prices for inferior experiences that fall short of the more affordable options provided by their immediate rivals. Because of this, I am unable to suggest the RPX movie to the majority of people, albeit special circumstances might persuade some people to try this pricey choice.

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