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Are you looking for the best alternative to Copyscape Plagiarism checker 2022? If so, consider yourself at the right place today because we have got you covered by jotting down this comprehensive post that will only discuss the best alternative to the Copyscape plagiarism checker. As we all know that plagiarism cases are increasing day by day. And the reason is the flooding of information that is easily accessible to anyone. We cannot stop ourselves or others from not posting anything. However, we can take precise measures to keep ourselves secured. 

Well! That is the reason why people prefer using the Copyscape plagiarism checker. No doubt Copyscape is a good plagiarism tool, but unfortunately, it’s paid, and not everyone can afford it. And that’s why we all wish to have some affordable tools that work the same way as Copyscape does. Well! This problem has been solved, and we will urge you to read this post to the bottom line to know more about it!

Why Must You Look For an Alternative to Copyscape Plagiarism Checker?

Before delving into the deep details, learn why you must look for an alternative to the Copyscape plagiarism checker. In a general, we all want to make sure our content is top-quality and 100% plagiarism-free. Authentic content also indexes better with SEO, and Google will punish you if you duplicate someone else’s work. So, scanning your last draft from a plagiarism checker is everyone’s first undertaking. 

However, the question is why find a Copyscape alternative as the tool has become pretty expensive, and not everyone can afford its expense. And if we move on to the flip side of the case, we also can’t afford to clash by not checking from an accurate plagiarism checker. So, this thing urges people to find a tool that works similar to Copscape’s plagiarism checker and shows you precise results. 

Plagiarism Checker By Duplichecker – The Best Alternative to Copyscape Plagiarism Tool

Without stretching the conversation or keeping you in suspense, we reveal that plagiarism checker free by Duplichecker is one of the best alternatives to Copyscape plagiarism tool. is an old and reputable tool serving millions of people worldwide with its incredible services. This platform offers a bunch of SEO, text analysis, PDF, and website tools that make our time-consuming processes easier. 

However, one of its top-rated and highly exceptional tools that comes up in comparison to Copyscape is its plagiarism checker. Whether it is your academic assignment, official work, article, blog post, or any textual content, Duplichecker will help you to evaluate the content’s originality on the go. 

Perks of Duplichecker as an Alternative to Copyscape Plagiarism Checker

Of course, the mentioned detail is not enough to convince you that Duplicecker is the best alternative to the Copyscape plagiarism checker. That is the reason we have dropped some detailed brief about its perks. So you can dig deeper and learn everything about this tool. Without breaking a sweat, you must scroll down and read to the bottom line.

AI-Powered Technology

One of the most excellent features that make it distinct from other tools is its accuracy. It implies that every report it shows about your content will be 100% correct. The reason behind this tool’s consistency and accuracy is the AI-powered technology on which this tool is based.

Writing Enhancements Features

Yet another perk that your content will gain is writing enhancements. It implies that this tool will also highlight grammar errors that will help you make your writing flourishing.

Speedy & Deep Scanning

The process of how to check plagiarism online with this tool has also been made easier. Users only have to drop their text in the input box and enter the check plagiarism button. The system will scan it deeply and match it from across the web. And in a few moments, it will show you the reports in which duplication will get highlighted in red. Besides, you will also have percentage-wise results along with the match sources. 

Pricing & Plans for Plagiarism Checker by Duplichecker

No doubt, delivers the most adaptable billing keys to perform efficiently & reliably. It is one of the most excellent plagiarism checker and writing assistant tools that users can use to write flawless content on the go. The website presents multiple other useful tools such as grammar checker, spelling checker, text to speech, reverse image search, and more. You can access and utilize all those tools for free. 

However, Duplichecker also offers premium plans. If you want to access more advanced features, you can sign up for a pro plan as well. If you head on for the premium plan, you can do a check for plagiarism up to 10,000 words and a more in-depth search to ensure that your content is unique. 


So, these things make Duplichecker one of the best and the closest alternative to Copyscape plagiarism checkers. Whether you want to check assignments, blogs, articles, or any textual piece of content, Duplichecker is a versatile plagiarism detector that works precisely and reduces your burden to make sure your content is unique. Give it a try straight away!

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